Our Security service

Ensuring proper security in supermarkets and department stores involves a combination of various elements, including a reliable electronic article security system and adequate security labels (tags or sticky labels).


Substantially reducing theft

securisation-de-la-lingerieOur clients, including Carrefour, Champion, City 2, Inno and others, are increasingly confronted with the problem of theft among their customers. Given the empty blister packs found on the shelves, which are only the tip of the iceberg, the solution involves an article-by-article protection system.

Exception 2 takes care of the systematic labelling of all the products. Our teams assigned to these missions go round each point of sale every week. The aim is to attach a number of security tags, bottle tags, spider wraps and sticky labels, following an appropriate schedule, adapted to suit each store.

Every week, Exception 2 hands its clients a check list containing full details of the number of articles secured and the number of anti-theft devices fitted. An agency manager goes to see the store manager and the teams regularly to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

The result is usually fast and the stores soon see a decline in inventory differences.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, either during the sales or at other times. We can help you by providing trained staff to relieve you of the often cumbersome task of ensuring article security.