Our Sampling service

The role of a sampler is to hand out product samples to the target group described by the client, with a smile and the necessary degree of assertiveness to ensure that the consumer tries the product.


There are several types of sampling

sampling2“In the City” sampling :
This is one of the most common forms of sampling. The promotion teams distribute samples to passers-by in major towns and cities, shopping districts or centres.

“At the Event” sampling :
You take part in an event, such as a sporting occasion, a fair, a concert or a show, for instance, and organise a mass sampling process. The samplers distribute samples to every participant.

House-to-House” sampling” :
With house-to-house sampling, the promotion team goes along to your clients in districts selected beforehand by the advertiser and/or the agency on the basis of specific criteria. The teams offer a sample at each house. A poll or an invitation to attend a demonstration or an additional tasting session in a point of sale in the region can also be included.

“In the Shop” sampling :
Sampling in or in front of the shop.