Our Mystery Shopping service

“Mystery Shopping” is a mission in which the agents conducting the survey pretend to be pseudo-buyers in order to gain a detailed idea of the quality of the service provided as well as precise information which it is difficult to obtain through conventional customer satisfaction surveys.


Gathering information is vital for your company

visuel-mystery-shopping2Our investigator goes to your stores or offices in the guise of a customer. He observes the quality of the services you provide there: welcome, layout, cleanliness, waiting time, attention paid to his requests, relational and commercials skills of the staff, etc. An appraisal is made on the basis of an assessment grid designed using predefined standard criteria.

Our investigator, still acting as a customer, contacts your company by telephone or e−mail. He analyses the way in which you staff receive and look after the customer using these various means of communication.

“Mystery Shopping” can be classified in four main categories, depending on the objective pursued:

– Qualitative analysis of the performance of a salesperson
– Price benchmarking
– Enhancing the value of a product in a store
– After-sales service