Our Merchandising service

Merchandising covers all the optimisation techniques involved in the allocation of product display surfaces in points of sale and the way they are presented.

Merchandising is optimised on the basis of quantitative analyses of sales and results, taking into account the behaviour of visitors at the point of sale (the route they follow, consumption habits, speed of circulation, behaviour and visual capacities, etc. ).

Merchandising usually includes optimisation of the range, optimisation of the allocation of space per product and per brand, the layout of the point of sale and communication at the point of sale.


Spotlight on your products

babyboomWhether it is for a supermarket or department store or for a retail shop, our Merchandising department manages and organises the schedule of real experts who specialise in bringing products to the fore, in terms of both supplies and layout.

Apart from these traditional tasks, we have also extended our expertise in the field of missions relating to point-of-sale monitoring; we are thinking here of store checking, price auditing or security missions.

Finally, this department could also meet your expectations by providing real teams of promoters who will act as your sales force for medium- and long-term missions.

All these activities are managed by our in-house team using an IT tool that can be customised if necessary. An activity report, drawn up in line with your requirements, can be consulted on line in total confidentiality.